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WEEKLY HOROSCOPE 09-10-2016 TO 15-10-2016


Aries Horoscope

aries, aries horoscope, areis astrology

You amuse yourself with the varied reactions you have on people; ranging from a slow burn to actual reactions that are quite incendiary! Chemistry is what you seek, a bit of give and take, gaiety and the fact that someone actually enjoys your company.

While some pretend to laugh and like you, you catch them off guard and distracted. When they do return to concentrate on you, they are fawning or over enthusiastic or hide behind plastic smiles.

Generous by nature, you aren’t however willing to be played like a patsy. Marriage talks occur as a result of successful networking by a parent or older sibling with the process of trial and error well factored.

Aphrodisiac : Potato baskets or cutlets with salsa dips, glass noodles with Thai curry.

Topic to avoid : The Greedy eye.

Mood music: Justin Timberlake Mirrors.

Romance Quotient: 7 / 10



Taurus Horoscope

taurus, taurus horoscope, taurus astrology

There is no doubt that your financial prospects have improved and are looking much better now, new and attractive opportunities are waiting for you.
This is a time to act on your ideas and intuitions as what flashes across your Ming is like revelation, so don’t doubt it, just act on it.

You are in a mood to entertain and be entertained and socialistion will increase a lot now. Lovers will have a wonderful time after long; misunderstandings will be resolved or buried.

It is a good time for those in professions connected to entertainment and journalism.

You let an idea play in your head dozens of times. You consider the possibilities of togetherness, of a rebuff, of a life happily ever after or a romance that gets nipped in the bud. The straight talker is suddenly lost for words, the direct approach seems crazy, yet you know no other.

So you desperately look for clues into someone’s moods, tastes and their spirit.

Your focus and attention pays off and your confidence returns too as you discover you are better off being true to your nature.

Betrothed couples could find one moving temporarily for career prospects but there isn’t a blip in the romance.

Aphrodisiac : Asparagus and cold pasta salad or antipasti, granitas, gelato to boost Moon and Venus.
Topic to avoid : Piercing observations on physicality.

Mood music: Miley Cyrus Adore you.

Romance Quotient: 8.8 / 10




Gemini Horoscope

gemini horoscope, gemini, gemini astrology

Rites of passage are akin to the rites of spring. Some things move along simply naturally, it’s a shame to spoil the momentum by interference. Some find themselves ready for a new chapter in life just as soon as they tear off the page of bitterness and an old wound.

Memories haunt, unfulfilled promises taunt and old traumas weave in and out making a new move complicated but inevitable.

Some shake off hang-ups and bitter marriages. Love arrives shortly but warns you that nothing will follow a comfortable routine. You will be shaken and stirred, loved and lusted.

Aphrodisiac: Barbecue chips, smoked cheese, chargrilled vegetables, baked corn in a cheesy pie crust.

Topic to avoid : Patronizing remarks.

Mood music : The two step, Charleston, Ragtime melodies.

Romance Quotient : 6.5/10






Cancer Horoscope

cancer horoscope, cancer, cancer astrology

No room for hesitation, you are determined to plonk yourself before the love gods and win their favour.

A relationship that went through a rough patch is all get to bloom thanks to your charm or receptivity to the charm of another. A seesaw approach ends, you are sure about what you feel and send suitors or unwanted attention packing.
A lively mood returns, you are relaxed, and conform to the casual style of a relationship that demands the groundwork be laid before castles are built in the air.

Someone tests the waters for a friendship and only when you pass the invisible ring of fire test do you get promoted to love status.

Aphrodisiac: Spinach quiche, spinach and rockleaf salad, spinach corn puffs.

Topic to avoid : Spilling secrets.

Mood music : Ellie Goulding; Love me like you do.

Romance Quotient : 10/10

Leo Horoscope

leo horoscope, leo, leo astrology

The devil is at work and yours in no idle mind when it comes to romance! You feel an instant attraction that is stronger than anything you ever felt.

And you aren’t willing to sit around and wait for things to follow a natural corollary. Be it running around half the city with your mate, helping them with their career or personal goals you don’t waste an opportunity or a single moment to be part of their lives.

A loved one is bowled over by your determination to bolt out painful episodes and to do everything to make them happy.

You stand for everything someone misses in their life, adventure, ideals, passion and a will to make things happen!

Aphrodisiac: Saffron rice pulao, saffron kheer, kesar pak, kesar milk to activate Jupiter.

Topic to avoid : Being defensive with elders.

Mood music : Eagles, Take it easy.

Romance Quotient : 9/10

Virgo Horoscope

virgo, kanyarasi, virgo horoscope, virgo astrology, virgo image

Ambiguity dots relationships since you sense what you see may not be quite what you get.

People put out marketing ploys rather than truth; it’s for you to be amused, immune or seduced. Overall, the ugly spots fail to get a makeover and you aren’t willing to make do with character flaws like disloyalty or lies.

The week points to canvasses that aren’t quite wiped clean; some retain feelings for an ex, others find an ex still carries a torch while you have moved on.

Older Virgos make room for the real and hold on to the surreal as well; as a romantic dream begins to unravel with the arrival or glad tidings.

Aphrodisiac: Brown rice, dark lentils cooked dry, pickled aubergine, rye bread, walnuts and jaggery based dessert.

Topic to avoid : Unfair comparisons.

Mood music : Collective Soul; Shine.

Romance Quotient : 8.5/10


Libra Horoscope

libra horoscope, libra, libra astrology

You through a challenge to a mate; for them to do something exceptional, prove themselves in ways.

While men go easily from laying dragons to plucking jewels from the firmament; woman are more guarded in what they believe is nothing more than an invitation to lust.

Youngsters decide not to play romantic games, truth or dare or risque activity as there vulnerabilities show.

A casual hook up with a crush ends up putting a great deal of distance in a serious commitment elsewhere.

Some find a loved one is distant and you choose to go into a sulk leading to the gap widening.

Others veer between living with the mundane and indulging in novels rather than upsetting a long maintained relationship.

Aphrodisiac: Meringues and strawberry mousse.

Topic to avoid: sarcasm.

Mood music: Aerosmith; pink.

Romance quotient: 8/10.

Scorpio Horoscope

scorpio, scropio horoscope, scorpio astrology

You are in love and it matter that you are the chosen one in the eyes of your mate, yet u aren’t going to stoop to the level of calling it a game of love.

Ego creeps into family discussions and suddenly everyone is calling a proposal a matter of high stakes.

You are the least perturbed with who is getting what materially since it’s all about the person. Weddings on the spur of the moment, quiet civil ceremonies or discrete small dos future.

Those on the re bound decide not to rush into the waiting arms of the first person who likes them.

Youngsters meet their potential life partner though they don’t quite know it yet; sparks fly or a friendship is forged.

Aphrodisiac: Apple pie, water melon juice, red bell peppers, mild chili and red beans.

Topic to avoid: pleasing all and sundry.

Mood music: Lana Del Ray; video games.

Romance Quotient: 10/10.

Sagittarius Horoscope

sagittarius horoscope, sagittarius, sagittarius astrology

Honesty is a poly in the hands of someone who has done very sound homework about you.

Everything seems natural, conversation seems to flow; they are fine tuned to your emotions and state of mind and say or do nothing that can put up the slightest resistance within you.

Game, set and match! Singles wind up meeting life partners in a whirlwind week.

Married couples find a sore point soothed away by loving clarifications. You are keen to make amends to a loved one who is deeply affected by your withdrawal or departure.

Racy and happening venues prove exciting for some but make a partner a tad uncomfortable and you are sensitive to their needs.

Aphrodisiac: Chocolate covered macadamia nuts, soup, broth, stew.

Topic to avoid: Blocked or silent treatment.

Mood music: Arijit Singh; Yeh fitoor mera.

Romance Quotient: 11/10.





Capricorn Horoscope

capricorn, capricorn astrology, capricorn horoscope, capricorn kundli, horoscope, astrology, kundli, carpricon, makara rashi, makara,

Your eyes seek for that comforting soul, the face that brings peace in a sea of face that brings peace in a sea of faces.

A hectic week with increasingly impressive company; you feel a pang in the midst of what is another’s social dream come true.

A sense of loneliness emerges as you find your admirers are people who want something not you; be it a facour, or to bask in your power or feed off your contacts.

As if a silent prayer answered, someone arrives from the past to add colours to what was well an unfinished love story.

From running into an ex to deliberately seeking someone out, you make the move to tap into a comfortable space because you know there are no hidden agendas.

Aphrodisiac: Spaghetti with pine nuts, chickpea humus, pineapple salad, Virgin pina coladas.

Topic to avoid: Any aesthetic sham.

Mood music: Chris Isaak Wicked Game.

Romance Quotient: 8/10.

Aquarius Horoscope

aquarius horoscope, aquarius, aquarius astrology

People almost vie to be with you and in cases have a fascination that borders on crazy possession.
While you delighted in it for a while, you tire of it all and find it a tad sterile.

The sameness of dating, waiting and mating and an all too familiar twist of phrase bring out a wooden expression rather than a moving response, another expects.

Couples come back from the brink with or without counseling sessions as they discover they need to get back on road to self-discovery and finding new things to love about a spouse or a day without being contrived.

Adieus are quick; you waste no time when you make for the door. And in doing so, a window to love opens.

Aphrodisiac: Orange mousses, cointreau, brandied oranges, honey based sause over tofu steak.

Topic to avoid: Off colour jokes.

Mood music: Seal Kiss from a rose.

Romance Quotient: 8/10.




Pisces Horoscope

pisces horoscope, pisces, pisces astrology

Lively conversation and an animated spirit mark a new acquaintance and you can’t get enough of them.

Yet you decide to make a few ground rules for yourself; not to end up twisted around their finger or be overawed by their magnificent world or floored by their impeccable manners.

Taking it nice and slow, you unravel your nature in layers and discover someone in stages.

Prestigious tasks bring some close to a very important player at the workplace and weeks of eyeing each other waiting to be introduced suddenly become a reality.

Both sides are jittery about making the first move; fortunately the ice breaker arrives in the form of a casual lunch.

Aphrodisiac: Dim sums, garlic chutneys, pecan pie.

Topic to avoid: Brassy talk or innuendos.

Mood music: The Black keys; Too afraid to love you.

Romance Quotient: 9/10.

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