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Taurus Horoscope Weekly



(NOV 06th TO 12th, 16)


Deccan chronicle Weekly Horoscope

The quest for meaning can dive as deep as the Marianas Trench or roam as wide as the plains of Western Siberia. Yet, often, the answers we seek are within our grasp. At first glance, when you see the statues on Easter Island you might wonder why it’s only the heads that sit atop the landscape. But, closer inspection would soon reveal that these are actually full-body statues. It’s just that their lower halves have been buried, over time, under the soil. You have the tools to understand your situation. You just need to excavate in the right place.

taurus, taurus horoscope, taurus astrology

                  TAURUS HOROSCOPE 

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: In your emotional and personal life now, when you see real opportunities for meaningful communication, trust them.

Hans of India Weekly Horoscope

The theme that is ushered in will focus definitely, strongly, positively on ways, means and media of communication. And this will be for personal gain in relationships and in finances. Relationships first you strive for greater accord, harmony with like-minded people as well as with those you hold dear, and try to keep all possible lines of contact, interaction open and humming.

Indian Express Weekly Horoscope

Although in general you seem to behaving things your way, there is a risk that you’ll blow your chances by losing your temper. Agreed, you may have good cause to feel angry, but what you’ll have to ask yourself is whether conflict is the best way to achieve your aims? It’s far better to stop, think, and listen.

taurus, taurus horoscope, taurus astrology

                TAURUS HOROSCOPE 

Hindustan Times Weekly Horoscope

Your high expectations can lead to disappointments in love or unkindness from friends this week. Your smooth routine and business schedule may be disrupted. Situations at work change for the better and you receive appreciation for your work. Be flexible about professional plans and receptive to new ideas.

Lucky number: 5

Lucky colour: Earthy brown

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