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Sagittarius horoscope

An introspective week, you find yourself questioning courses of action or options available. To-ing and fro-ing adds haze and clouds to your normally crystal clear vision. Emotional factors compound angst and nerves are the first to respond to feelings of being hostage. Circulatory functions are low and you realize you need to get going to get the hormonal system functioning well again. Solitude enables you to clear your head and a sedentary pace doesn’t break your head and helps redefine it. Skin eruptions, measles, virus inflammations aren’t easily wished away and you calm the mind and decide not to go that road at all.

Healing oil: mango and orange blossom oils.

Steer clear of: lifting weights.

Chakra healing: wear dark blue and accents of russet or orange; iolite and coral as power stones.

Health quotient: 9.5/10

Capricorn horoscope

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You drive the change you bring into your life, yet it can be a tad overwhelming. Extra burdens at work hit at the most vulnerable point in the body, beginning with digestion for some, respiratory disorders for others and nerve pains for still others. What you do differently this week is to accept your limits and pull back just when you think you have reached them physically. Those in the midst of thorny relationships tend to look for a place of refuge. Be it an anchor or an anchoring thought; you find a point of focus that enables you to recover from stress and mental tumult.

Healing oil: sweet lime and milk protein.

Steer clear of: excessive oil or spice, volatile reactions.

Chakra healing: wear ochre, dark brown and muted greens, tiger’s eye and green jade.

Health quotient: 5/10

Aquarius horoscope

Recuperation and building better defenses, you look to rebuild your core and defy age and preconceived notions. You look to buttress your emotions and not go under every time there is a mini crisis. Emotionally you toughen up even as people try their battering ram techniques and shock them by not responding leave alone plummeting into depression. Old aches and pains linger till midweek but slowly ebb and you are amazed by the regenerative powder of cells. Youngsters overcome a mental roadblock and perform in school with better memory and alertness.

Healing oil: mustard oil with galbanum and vitamin b.

Steer clear of: catching chills.

Chakra healing: sky blue, turquoise in apparel; turquoise beads worn around the neck.

Health quotient: 7/10

Pisces horoscope

The perils of living in the city with its pollution and smog hit home but you don’t have to suffer. You take stock of a situation and act! Seniors take a knock with respiratory ailments that have all sorts of triggers including varnishes or exhaust fumes. The week entails restorative healing. Excessive medications entail restorative healing. Excessive medication or new drugs leave the body depleted and a gradual acclimatization works far better leave the body depleted and a gradual acclimatization works far better. Youngsters are susceptible to the after efforts of too much TV; poor concentration, hazy vision, sluggishness and you begin a re-calibration of their lifestyle by bringing in more physically mothers have a hassle free delivery.

Healing oil: peppermint and flower waters.

Steer clear of: electromagnetic radiation.

Chakra healing: clear kunzite and ruby, include pomegranate, clove steamed apple, cinnamon tea.

Health quotients: 9/10

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