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Leo horoscope

Introspection and assuaging fears, you proceed cautiously not completely letting down your guard around people. Starting events at the work place elicit mixed reactions; progress or upsets, what brother you are back to focusing on mental capacities, power of the mind and sharpening instincts. Concentrations are elusive as pending tasks and visitors prove distracting. Disrupted sleep cycles, yo-yoing weight and susceptibility to minor throat or stomach inflections have you wake up to the fact that your systems can’t handle too much rough play.

Healing oil: elderflower oatmeal and avocado oil.

Steer clear of: water borne infections.

Chakra healing: were pink and white; zircons and pink sapphire or ruby aura quartz include cashews, pineapple, coconut, brown rice, red bean salad.

Health quotient: 7.5/10

Virgo horoscope

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You cut the excessive flab from your life. The process of streamlining, simplification and deflagration enables you to optimize your reserves of energy. For some body sculpting goals are accomplished naturally or though prescribed surgery. ENT infections and neck afflictions are on their way out and you master the art of knowing at what point the body gives signs of its daily limit and stop right there. Regulating breathing though exercise, mantra and yoga clears congested lungs and phlegmatic conditions. Tendonitis in the left arm is addressed and healed.

Healing oil: wheat germ oil with honey and tuberose extracts.

Steer clear of: artificial sweeteners.

Chakra healing: wear yellow, khaki and day time gold, yellow sapphire and golden topaz.

Health quotient: 8/10

Libra horoscope

Amplification is the highlight of the week. Your power gets a boost as cures are found for organs known to be the repositories of power, the endocrine circulatory and metabolic system. In certain cases, amplification takes a turn of exaggeration; hypochondria can bother with imagined afflictions and pains that take on a severs turn be it real or psychosomatic. Equally exaggerated are certain diagnostics meant to rook you. Suitably preparing, you don’t get tossed about in the hands of crooked players in the name of healthcare. Sleep disorders are addressed though apnea, light sleepers and energetic dreamers find strange but effective solutions.

Healing oil: Shea butter, clay sage.

Steer clear of: excessive salt.

Chakra healing: wear burgundy and being; garnet and rudraksha, eat dark chocolate, drink mild coffee.

Health quotients: 9/10

Scorpio horoscope

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A beneficial week, you overcome hurdles of age or inertia stemming from a sabbatical and get back full flow into work and exercise. Battling ailments like anorexia, dyspepsia, bulimia, overeating, bingeing between taste buds and portions. A hectic exercise pattern is back and you decide to thrown overindulgence of any kind out the door. Weight management goals are met, heart conditions improve, digestion is better like never before. Women address issues of anemia on a priority with a better diet and measured supplements.

Healing oil: hibiscus extracts added to coconut oil.

Steer clear of: carelessness while walking.

Chakra healing: wear dark browns and blue, polished blue agate and an iron semi close ring.

Health quotient: 10/10

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