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Libra Horoscope

libra horoscope, libra, libra astrology


All you crave is the luxury of sleep! Dreaming sweet dreams and watching than turn to reality.

Instead, awakening are rude because relationships follow the trajectory of a guided missile!

Everything is somehow your fault even if you aren’t remotely connected to a situation.

You discover that the crisis is imagined in people’s head; there is no real fire to put out.

Siblings are busy slaying dragons elsewhere and you deal with the meltdown of a parent or in-law by yourself.

Comfort Zone: Book readings, one dish meals, a pot luck party.

Zone of contention: Losing or damaging borrowed property.

Topic to Avoid: Trivializing another’s concerns.

Concentrate on: Sleeping with one eye open!

Adjustment Quotient: 8/10

Scorpio Horoscope

The predictable pace is interrupted with a host of happenings; changes in career upsets and swings in the lives of others; rise and fall, topsy turvy outcomes.

There is never a dull moment; it’s almost as if nature trusts your ability to handle anything.

From handling spousal demands to children’s tantalums, potboilers in your love life to soap operas being played out with in-laws sibling rivalry to cash crunches thanks to reckless.

Diwali speculation; you successfully come out on top.

Health of a parent suffers on account of old age or harmless pleasures.

Comfort Zone: Singing, music concerts streamed.

Zone of contention: Having no preparation time for everyday exams.

Topic to Avoid: Previous lapses of family.

Concentrate on: Leading the way without bragging

Adjustment Quotient: 11/10

Sagittarius Horoscope

sagittarius horoscope, sagittarius, sagittarius astrology


You follow the rhythm of your heart and attempt to live the impossible dream!

Work and home balance is about to be tilted like never before thanks to fantastic opportunities.

Yet you weigh the repercussions of your decisions even if you don’t necessarily discuss them with family or a spouse.

Elders begin to show faint disapproval over mild issues but you sense there is a larger storm waiting to happen for completely unrelated reasons.

Your instincts help you navigate out of ego battles, issues of neglect or shared responsibility like a charmer.

Comfort Zone: Press parties, book or product launches, hobnobbing with whose who.

Zone of contention: Shedding a traditional role or image.

Topic to Avoid: Being starry-eyed abut people.

Concentrate on: Appearing levelheaded.

Adjustment Quotient: 9.9/10

Capricorn Horoscope

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The fairy tale romance brings a twist, in the tale; you are the one twisting someone’s tail in order to get more or simply want out.

Marital blues be it as a result of match fixing seven year itch or sheer incompatibility has you demand some help measures from all concerned.

The good part is a spouse is under. Standing and does everything to keep things light and flowing.

Children feature in a clash with different styles of parenting being a bone of contention especially as one is an absentee parent and then tries to muscle their way around.

Someone dose overreaches in career or personal matters and deals with depression.

You try to help them out.

Comfort Zone: Tech parks, shopping for gadgets.

Zone of contention: Your secret credit card life.

Topic to Avoid: Putting friendships before love.

Concentrate on: Giving your best to a mate.

Adjustment Quotient: 8/10

Aquarius Horoscope

aquarius horoscope, aquarius, aquarius astrology


Absence makes the heart grow fonder but not of the things you expected to tug at your heart!

A quiet Diwali that fans out into travel, career pre-occupations, family commitments or a crazy schedule later in the week.

Amidst the sparklers and lights, you are slightly pensive. Some ponder the wisdom of forcing someone into a role they are dearly not suited for.

Spouses look for ways to relieve their partner of compromises.

Those contemplating the next level in a relationship find when they close their eyes it isn’t them that they see!

Talks of remarriage are successful especially for women.

Comfort Zone: Theatre and ‘navies.

Zone of contention: Being expected to fix every-one’s life and problems.

Topic to Avoid: Gory details of family.

Concentrate on: Wait and watch.

Adjustment Quotient: 7/10

Pisces Horoscope

pisces horoscope, pisces, pisces astrology


A glorious opportunity arrives to bury the hatchet and retrieve what is best in terms of relationships and assets.

You are caught off guard and wonder if the candid disclosures are a confidence trick or a way to gauge your emotions and then manipulate you.

Yet a spark of honesty shines through what could easily have been platitudes Coining from older players elder siblings and grandparents, you know better than to thwart attempts at appeasement.

Family assets are juggled, loans and debts written off, stake altered to render right a sense of injustice or prejudice.

Comfort Zone: Diwali themed party, festive outfits.

Zone of contention: Turning gender biases around.

Topic to Avoid: Terming help too little too late.

Concentrate on: Gaining mileage and goodwill.

Adjustment Quotient: 10/10

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