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We think that if we want to be strong, we must fight.

To be heard, we must shout.

But the truth is, that there are many ways to demonstrate strength, and many ways to use our voices.

Engaging with others, though, is harder when we’re focused on ourselves.

It’s much easier when we’re able to hear perspectives that differ from our own.

Understanding is so much more persuasive than a show of force.

With the Total Eclipse linked to Uranus, in your sign, it’s your ability to be counter-intuitive that brings success this month.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Don’t be anxious just because something baffles you.

The change you seek is occurring naturally.

Lower your guard.


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We’re generally, quite rightly, scared of earthquakes.

If we were to feel the ground move, we’d be quick to run for cover.

Yet, most of us wouldn’t be troubled by a bit of turbulence on an aeroplane.

We might rouse briefly from a state of slumber, but only long enough to grumble at the uncomfortable nature of a red-eye flight.

In August, whatever shakes your foundations, the ground isn’t going to open up.

The rumbling is a necessary part of your journey.

It’s a wake-up call to make a tectonic change that once seemed unlikely.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Something with hidden importance is happening, even if you don’t yet feel able to identify and understand it.



In this age of global information, we’re expected to know everything.

Even though this is absurd, we’re reluctant to admit that we ‘don’t know’… afraid that others will see our lack of knowledge as a weakness.

So we tell white lies to feign omniscience.

But what’s so bad about admitting ignorance?

Knowledge is gained through experience and time.

When you don’t have an answer, there’s no shame in asking.

With Mercury retrograde, and a total Solar Eclipse, if you embrace openness whenever you encounter a tricky question this month, the answer will be forthcoming.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: There is something you don’t know.

Forget your anxious expectations; just acquire the information you need.



When a good friend’s coming to stay, I get excited.

I make sure my house is as welcoming and homely as possible, plan things to do with them, and do my best to see that they want for nothing during their stay.

As someone so nurturing and caring, this must sound familiar.

In August, Venus travels through your sign.

Not only will she help you take better care of others, she is looking after you too.

With your needs met, you’ll be free to focus on what you want.

And you’ll be very pleased to see how your priorities change.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Coming events in your emotional life should show you the cause of a recent problem — followed b the solution to it.

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The Total Eclipse in your sign is much more than any old New Moon.

It’s a talisman. A pillar of courage and conviction upon which to build a brighter future.

It’s a time to reshape goals and redefine the boundaries which have limited the freedom of your expression.

Yet, even the fastest car, with the most skilful driver, won’t get far with an empty tank.

This is the celestial equivalent of a ‘fill `er up’, but with new tyres and an oil change for good measure!

Don’t be scared of the power at your disposal in August.

Be exhilarated!

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Proceed carefully; you may be making an irrevocable move.

As long as it is sincere, it can only have an excellent outcome.



We’re all interconnected. Yet with smart phones, and now smart homes too, it’s sometimes a relief to encounter ‘dumb’ technology.

I’ve been staying with friends who live ‘off grid’.

I can assure you that the campfire we sat around, and the stars we gazed up at were reassuringly analogue.

Yet, I haven’t felt so in tune with the world for a long time.

If you find yourself mis-tweeting, your Instagram becoming waitagram, or your Hotmail cooling, don’t worry this month.

It’s the first step towards establishing a more fundamental connection.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Heed your kindest inner voice.

It may not seem to be saying anything logical, but it has a message that is valid.

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No matter how hard you try, the way to resolve a difficult situation seems to be eluding you.

It’s a simple question of right and wrong. But the problem is that the issues in the middle are complex and fraught.

You’re negotiating a situation that’s full of secrets, complexities and controversy.

And you rightly suspect that others are serving their own agendas.

August’s Total Solar Eclipse, in harmony with Uranus, enables you to choose a direction and take a stand.

Be strong this month and do what’s right.

The truth will prevail.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Can you get past a fear that’s sapping your strength?

When all is looking bleak, you will see your way to success.



We all like to be recognized for our achievements, but some people are almost too comfortable in the limelight.

They’re always `on’ and forever performing, even when the house is empty and the show is over.

Perhaps you’re a little suspicious about such characters.

But this month, you might get a peek into their world.

A more public and authoritative side of you is emerging.

Your insight, and the power you possess, will be valued.

Just try not to let it go to your head!

Keep cool and it’ll be an opportunity for meaningful change.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You will develop a new power to say what is appropriate in a warm, wise, well-timed way.

That will prove so helpful.

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It’s sometimes said that there are only seven or eight story arcs.

That every movie made is just one, or another, with different faces and new clothes.

And, throughout our lives we play out the same narratives.

Some of them are from childhood, with just enough added complexity to prevent us from recognizing them.

This month, you have the chance to break the cycle of a primal pattern and emerge wiser and stronger.

Don’t regret the circumstances you find yourself in again.

Welcome instead the developments that August brings.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You don’t have to perform a balancing act.

You will gain a lot of gratitude if you see someone else’s viewpoint.



Be it people or places, or  your interactions to the things that you can’t control, the focus is on your relationship with the outside world this month.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t have any influence over the proceedings.

Precisely the opposite.

The Solar Eclipse makes a harmonious aspect with your ruler.

It encourages you to meet challenges with brave creativity and undaunted optimism.

You needn’t fear having your individuality compromised.

In fact, you’re only just awakening to the possibilities this new outlook brings.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: There is something you would like to go back to, and something you would like to keep just as it is.

Proceed with trust.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if you got a new job in August.

Yet, neither would it surprise me if you kept your job, but started cycling to work.

Because it’s not your career that’s due a radical re-think, so much as your experience of everyday life.

How can you feel more fulfilled, and find greater purpose in the tasks you spend your time performing?

The Solar Eclipse brings the opportunity to make tangible changes that will help deliver more of what you want.

And this transformation isn’t as well-hidden as you may believe it to be.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: The cosmos is creating a cavalcade of confusion.

But it will soon be replaced with a profound realisation of your own power.

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