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Aries Horoscope

Calm prevails, overriding terse emotions and you quell the desire to speak your mind.

Conservative stances interrupt great progress that was being made in the family qua sharing of power or resources.

Stake in joint family matters comes to the brink of being diluted but you manage to steer the course.

Willful ways of a spouse, their penchant for standing up for opinions and beliefs or simply taking a contrarian stance become cause for jitters.

Yet you are in no mood to compromise or go behind a loved one’s tack to keep other factions happy.

Comfort Zone: The good old family brunch.

Zone of contention: Not being the family favorite anymore.

Topic to Avoid: Resenting the new blue-eyed boys/ Janes.

Concentrate on: Spreading cheers this Diwali.

Adjustment Quotient: 9/10

Taurus Horoscope

Amidst the din of firecrackers, you at-tempt to be heard in family matters.

Advice isn’t the same thing if no one’s listening.

Too much on other’s platter has you hold back sharing thoughts as you realize they can’t handle the pressure.

Financial disparities create an awkward moment as you indulge in a luxurious purchase.

Never the one to remove a smile from someone’s face you hold back on extravagance.

Someone requests you to play host to their ward there to appear for exams or an interview.

Comfort Zone: Small gifts and sweets.

Zone of contention: Diluting savings or aiding to them.

Topic to Avoid: Raking a list of someone’s faults every time they slip up.

Concentrate on: Being the rock everyone cm rely on.

Adjustment Quotient: 7.5/10

Gemini Horoscope

gemini horoscope, gemini, gemini astrology


More heat than light in relationships has you avoid cantankerous players.

You seek company but almost instantly regret the decision for being a softy.

You realize little has changed as family get together’s have people cancel, soirees turn sour and clubs only have you wishing you could pick up a club and have ago at some noisemakers.

A competitive week has someone shine within the family and yet not afford you reason to celebrate with envious people.

A hottie or bombshell makes eyes at singles and puts them in a very happy mood.

Comfort Zone: Live sport, amphitheatres, cultural performances from overseas.

Zone of contention: Being civil to practitioners of disloyalty especially in card games.

Topic to Avoid: Gloating, even if you feel like it. Concentrate on: Going from strength to strength.

Adjustment Quotient: 8/10

Cancer Horoscope

cancer horoscope, cancer, cancer astrology


A dual role arrives where you take on the mantle of an elder.

Health concerns or voluntary abdication have the future suddenly accelerate by years.

You have the power to do everything you wanted and yet wonder what it is that you should now do.

From business to managing money, giving instructions to taking care of younger players you follow some Diwali traditions.

People welcome the change and expect you to rollback some unpleasant measures elders had foisted upon you.

Travel for women, migration, exploration of new roles including a betrothal brings its frenetic pace and responsibilities.

Comfort Zone: Weddings, partnerships.

Zone of contention: Reneging from old positions.

Topic to Avoid: Raking up people’s past.

Concentrate on: Shedding karmic debt and making a brighter future.

Adjustment Quotient: 7.5/10

Leo Horoscope

leo horoscope, leo, leo astrology


All set to expand your horizons, you are ready for movement.

Good news on the Work front arrives like a Diwali present gift wrapped with travel, emigration, transfers or simply a hectic schedule that have you on the move.

A spouse is pretty much relegated to single parenting while you attempt to do all the things you wanted.

The family is supportive of changed routines but expects you to provide order out of chaos very soon.

Some set up house in a new city or make do with temporary lodgings.

Rather than let courtship flounder you attempt to be omniscient through an electronic presence.

Comfort Zone: Fashion shows, window shopping.

Zone of contention: Advice not being solicited.

Topic to Avoid: Justifying risks or bad decisions.

Concentrate on: Maximizing the positive out of a situation.

Adjustment Quotient 6/10.

Virgo Horoscope

virgo, kanyarasi, virgo horoscope, virgo astrology, virgo image


Strident and determined, you brook no interference nor suffer fools.

It’s all about doing the right thing and you don’t get swayed by opinions and gossip.

Bringing friendships back on track in keeping with the Diwali spirit, you win half the battle.

Loved ones turn to you like ships to a lighthouse.

Misunderstandings are cleared up even as you take baby steps towards reconciliation with an estranged member of the family.

Communication is direct and you look for ways to find gentler ways that don’t dilute the message.

Adopted ties are strengthened and some go beyond blood ties in showing support.

Comfort Zone: Art galleries, meditation camps.

Zone of contention: Having to believe promise breakers.

Topic to Avoid: Making commitments early.

Concentrate on: Taking one day at a time.

Adjustment Quotient: 8/10.

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