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You’re coming into a winning I streak.

It’s about time too, I can almost hear you thinking!

Win-win situations don’t come around very often.

The gifts the cosmos bestows are accentuated when the person who receives them has done the preparation.

You’ve been conscientiously working through some tough stuff lately, and, despite disappointments, you’ve continued to show up and do your best.

Luck has little to do with happiness… it’s a simple case of cause and effect.

So put your feet up. You deserve this.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You have no choice other than to stay dedicated to a noble cause.

This, though, can now be a joy, not a chore.

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Sometimes it seems as if we’re on the end of more knocks than we know how to deal with.

Then, the world feels like a cruel and unfeeling place.

Every setback or negative experience seems like a personal attack, and it’s easy to become short-sighted and believe that the universe is singling us out for misfortune.

Yet, just when we’re about to throw in the towel, the cosmos throws out a helping hand.

So, before giving up on your dream, why not look at the gift you’re being offered? It is exactly what you need.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: In rethinking your own sense of identity, you’re seeing someone else anew; it is exceptionally constructive.



Sometimes we realise that we need to make a change just when we’re least capable of making it.

It’s like jumping on a train and discovering that you’re headed in the wrong direction.

You just have to wait until the next stop to get off, get on another train, and then continue your journey in the right direction.

The route you’ve been travelling on has been taking its toll on both your time and your energy.

Your batteries are low.

This week, take a revitalising pit stop.

The right time to make the right decision is closer than you think.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: An uneasy peace is coming to a sensitive area of your life.

Give more faith and time to a process of co-operation.

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The Sun may be leaving your sign, but it’s not taking your hope away with it.

It isn’t like a messy divorce, leaving you with only half of your stuff and an empty feeling inside.

Actually, you’re about to discover that many of your material desires can be more easily satisfied.

An absence of optimism will only be due to the acquisition of what you were really hoping for!

The celestial change needs to be recognised, though.

As the New Moon arrives in Leo, if you’re willing to find a fresh approach, creativity will inspire delightful results.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: All your plans seem to have drawbacks.

Plan a little less; for now, it is spontaneity, not strategy, that equals success.



Beatles weren’t known for making astrological predictions, but their song Here Comes The Sun sounds prophetic to me.

Especially when I’m writing a Leo forecast.

And especially when your week features a Sun-Mars conjunction in cahoots with Jupiter.

The New Moon heralds the return of your ruler, bringing the chance for you to soar like a McCartney melody.

The Mars connection allows you to add Lennon drive and passion. And Jupiter is the Harrison dash of creative freedom.

Just don’t mention the Ringos of Saturn…

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: A small irritation is not worth worrying about.

Turn a blind eye; keep your energy for something much more important.



This week, your ruler moves away from the powerful Grand Trine with Uranus and Saturn, and returns home as the Moon enters your sign.

That’s quite a home-coming and a powerful portent.

With Mercury in your sign, your mental powers increase, your perception grows sharper, and your ability to communicate is enhanced.

Buoyed by the Grand Trine, these annual effects are strengthened.

It’s as if Mercury has been spending its time away in the gym, preparing for this moment.

You really are ready for anything.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: It is not speed you need; it is a sense of purpose.

Visualise what you truly want, and you will find it easy to get.

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Someone is pushing your buttons.

They might not be intentionally trying to wind you up, but they can’t help it.

Certain things they do are enough to drive you up a wall whilst tearing your hair out.

We can all be irritating sometimes.

It’s just that when someone does it to us, we’re not supposed to react.

That would be bad manners.

When it comes to our nearest and dearest, it’s tempting to ignore that inner voice of restraint.

We know they’ll love us anyway.

But it’s worth thinking before you speak this week.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Sometimes you need to put yourself first.

What those closest to you need now is your strength.



Emotions are intensified this week.

If you’re happy, you’ll feel ecstatic.

If you’re glum, you could feel disheartened.

You’re like a rubber ball, pinging between extremes, with no obvious way to control your responses.

There’s a reason for this: the New Moon is stirring and intensifying your reactions.

Should you try to restrain your responses?

Sometimes it’s important to give your heart the freedom to express itself.

Too often, we hide from our truths. Express yourself; you’ll be heard.

The response will be a pleas-ant surprise.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Deep down you know something.

But the time is not right to admit it to yourself or anyone else.

Allow space for ambiguity.



Venus moves into opposition with Saturn in your sign this week.

It suggests a chance to make an emotional commitment.

Yet the playful Sun and passionate Mars converge in a part of the sky that represents exploration.

They also make a creative angle to Jupiter, with its themes of fun, abundance and indulgence.

With the temptations this seems to offer, it may prove difficult to maintain the aforementioned commitment.

But, as long as what you explore is done in honest partnership, the adventure is only just beginning.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You are about to get all you need — and something that makes more of a difference than you expect.

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Some businesses have a ban on work place relationships.

They fear that people will protect their partners rather than do the right thing for the company.

They may have a point. But the same could be said of friendships.

Human interaction means that attachment and preferential treatment can never be eradicated from the workplace.

Even if your environment feels far from conducive to emotional matters this week, listening to your heart will enable your decisions.

Listening to your head won’t get you as far.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You are at a crucial point of growth and positive change.

Stop thinking about how good things could be; start acting!



We both know that you’re extraordinary.

You’re an outside-the-box thinker.

Your natural inclination for imaginative, innovative ideas holds you in good stead when it comes to struggles and setbacks.

You’re so good at blue-sky thinking that other people are sometimes envious of your good fortune.

This week, it’s worth finding a little empathy for those who may not have your strengths.

Your confidence and positive attitude may yet rub off on them.

If you make your moves gently, you can move forward in good company.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Step back from a concern that preoccupies you.

The only thing you are likely to lose is an unhelpful frame of mind.

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No matter what your profession, no matter how stimulating your work, there are aspects of all jobs that just seem to drag sometimes.

As grateful as I am to be your astrologer, there’s plenty of admin that accompanies the honour.

The forecasts would suffer if I didn’t keep up my end of the cosmic house-work!

But every now and then, some project, person or moment comes along to remind us just how passion-ate our working life can be.

Look for yours this week.

Don’t be tempted to question its origin — just run with it!

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You are better off now you see a friend’s new side; and will be even better off for what you are about to discover.

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