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Aries horoscope

You make a material note of all doctors’ instructions and vow not to deviate. The rebel in you tending to do the exact opposite is cowed down after self-medication and alternate healing act counterproductive. Rather than fail to see symptoms or misread them, you are determined not to let slips cost you or family members. The week enables you to quell conditions that flare up. Relief arrives in cases of fever, stubborn virals, body aches that refuse to abate and in infections that are seasonal. Youngsters develop allergies to fumigants and you are alert to toxic substances that could by change enter the food chain.

Healing oil: citronella for aromatherapy, wheat germ with lemon for massage.

Steer clear of: Uncertified products off the net.

Chakra healing: wear periodic and red tour maline; include citrus juices, lemon rice, lemon and water.

Health quotient: 8/10

Taurus horoscope

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Events have a tonic effect and you realize you are still dependent on outer triggers for your well being and feel good. You learn to dodge birds of ill omen and keep stress at bay. You decide to strengthen the mind and not blame others even as you overcome fragility and vulnerability at your own pace. Youngsters are weaned out of addictive behavior by healthy motivation and love. Women delight to find skin and hair ailments are a thing of history. Relief is on the cards for those with intestinal disorders, gallstones, enlarged spleen or liver infections. Mood swings or bipolar reactions in a child are brought in check with therapy and a prote in rich diet.

Healing oil: lavender extracts and neem oil.

Steer clear of: sharp objects.

Chakra healing: lilac and mauve in apparel, amethyst and blue sapphire, sesame cookies, pine nuts.

Health quotient: 8/10

Gemini horoscope

You look to cross a gulf butrealise you need to do it stages. Making your challenges into bite size makes them easy and palatable. The week has you scale down and priorities activities that have you go for quality rather than quality. Hectic movement for professionals brings chronic fatigue syndrome, energy depletion and sugar cravings. Weight management goals get tangled in thyroid conditions for some but are soon brought in check. Youngsters are prone to cramps on the sport field; water sports are best avoided. Some fight dark moods without antidepressants and lack of sustained nourishment.

Healing oil: clove oil with fever few and calendula

Steer clear of: hormonal deficiencies

Chakra healing: wear green and palest blue; include seafood, tofu and melon seeds. Pursue art as an artist, collector or curator.

Health quotient: 8/10

Cancer horoscope

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Lots of things are irksome but you learn to exercise a mental filter and do what you think fit. Mentally energetic, you are in the mood to take on challenges you sought to dodge. With respiratory problems in the past, you are no longer bogged down by sinus headaches, chest congestions, pneumonia and low grade fevers. Women find their fertility improves and are suitably tapped to plan a family. Sportsmen are prone to spasmodic pains stemming from old injuries and learn to quit. Recovery from aliments related to toxicity implies better infections clear up.

Healing oil: rose water rose essential oil mixed with vegetable oil.

Steer clear of: repressed emotions, poor posture. And pink, rose quartz and rhodochrosite.

Health quotient: 8/10

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