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Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

We’ve all had to make decisions that would have been much easier if we’d only known what we know now.

And some of our choices might have been very different.

But, you learn from every step of your life.

What’s gone before is what’s made you who you are.

There’s no point looking back, and wondering what could have been.

You can’t change the past, but you can change the present.

Mercury’s movements are encouraging you to stop looking backwards and turn your attention to now!

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Relationships stop being fun when those involved feel stifled.

Fluidity is the key to greater harmony now.

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We all like to think of ourselves as sensible, rational creatures.

But what space does that leave for our intuition to work?

Is it a strength to think with our heads more than our hearts?

Is it even rational? Not only is our heart the seat of our emotions — of love, friend-ship, and generosity — but it’s also the home of the insights and perceptions that have kept us alive, and thriving for thousands of years.

All I’m trying to say is that if something’s been nagging away at you recently, you might just do well to heed what it’s saying.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: For a stressful situation to improve, you and a certain someone must talk more or spend time further apart.



People have a funny way of gauging their own significance.

We’re all aware that our time here on Earth is limited, and that the world will go on spinning just as it always has done, long after we’re gone.

But despite this, we still can’t shake off the notion of our self-importance.

Deep down, we believe in our indestructibility.

Eternal life, though, is only available to the deities and gods of our myths and faiths.

Recently you’ve been feeling that you have almost god-like powers.

Perhaps, this week, you do.

Use them well!

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You need to really understand why something keeps happening before you can bring about genuine change.

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Although Mars may be leaving your sign this week, it departs with a bang.

Just as the Sun joins it in Leo next weekend, the New Moon is close enough to be considered conjunct to the fiery planet.

You may be tired of the emotional extremes you’ve experienced over the last six weeks.

But soon enough, the Cosmos will allow you to take your foot off the gas, relax, and enjoy the scenery you’ve been climbing past.

It’s just asking for one more burst of energy.

You’re nearly at the summit.

Then, you can begin the next, less challenging journey.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Your doubts are making it hard for you to conquer your difficulties.

Those doubts are about to be cast out.



When I was a kid, Jim V Carrey was the star my friends and I flocked to see at the cinema.

The Mask was our favourite film. It was based on an ancient mask which gave superpowers to whoever wore it.

At the film’s climax, the hero defused an explosive situation by transforming into caricatured Italian garb, swallowing the bomb, and declaring, ‘That’s a spicy meatball!’ As Mars enters your sign, a situation is about to get hotter.

It’ll take great strength to swallow your pride, remain calm and decisive.

But you don’t need a mask to be that hero.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Without inconsistency this world would be pretty dull.

Don’t demand perfection. Just keep a sense of humour.

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Often, when you’ve almost reached your goal, it can be tempting to take your foot off the accelerator.

You’re almost there — what’s the rush? That can be a good attitude to take. But, whilst the pursuit of dreams shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the journey, complacency is never helpful.

‘Almost’ isn’t good enough — especially when you have the tools you need to achieve something you’ve wanted for so long.

Don’t panic if you feel as if everything you’ve worked for seems to be slipping away.

You’re about to be greatly reassured.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Don’t get so caught up in the passing scenery that you forget the destination you are trying to head for.



We’re taught as children  to distinguish between things: blue, not red; big, not small; good, not bad.

When we become adults, this leads to us to make comparisons: am I more or less successful than that person?

Happier? Sadder?

It becomes an unhealthy way of thinking. No one ever knows the reality of somebody else’s life.

The only thing that matters is you, your progress, and your happiness.

Not in relation to anyone else’s either. If you can free yourself from restricting comparisons this week, you’ll be surprised at what you discover.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Let yourself shrink a little, metaphorically; that will pave the ground for you to grow in a most exciting way.


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It’s tempting to race through life with a tick-list.

Unless we’ve achieved that, seen this, and beaten someone else to that, are we even living?

And, if you can complete this list in the shortest possible time then surely that’s the ultimate success?

But in the scrabble to be the best, the highest-achieving, and the most successful, the purpose of life slips away.

Life’s not a competition. The only winners are those confident enough to be who they are, and who follow happiness wherever it leads them. You’re strong enough to be this!

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Someone’s talking as if from another world —but you can find a way to stop feeling so alienated from them!



Some people are born worriers.

They’ll fret about everything; from big things right down to what they’re having for dinner tonight.

As an outsider, it’s easy to be baffled by their capacity to over think everything.

But we should never laugh.

We’ve all worried about something, then found that everything else seems more troubling.

Worry is accumulative. Your concerns have been building up.

This week, try to take a step back and evaluate whether you need to expend so much effort thinking things through.

The chances are that you don’t.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Asking stupid questions can undermine confidence.

Be careful what you listen to and how seriously you take it.



We all know wind-up merchants.

The folk who press and poke you just to get a reaction.

Like wasps, they buzz around, making a nuisance of themselves, and stopping you from being able to enjoy your ice cream.

Though it’s not always easy to do, the best way to deal with these people (and wasps for that matter) is to ignore them.

To do so, though, takes inner strength, resilience, commitment and not a little bravery.

But you have these qualities in spades.

Use them, and you’ll soon be able to watch your troubles fly away.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Feeling tempted to nurture a negative emotion?

You will benefit far more from being positive.

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The late, great Rik Mayall played Lord Flash heart in the classic sitcom Blackadder.

He’d crash through ceilings to make noise, win hearts, and steal scenes.

With feisty Mars squaring up to your ruler, before bounding into your opposite sign, it could be that someone’s making a similar impression on you.

Despite yourself, you’ll be swept up in a moment; brimming with passion, and driven with energy.

But, don’t forget where your strengths lie.

You’re known for your clarity.

Let this be enhanced by, rather than abandoned for, emotions.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Sit and dream of the unattainable – or enjoy the here and now with what you actually have.

Choose wisely.



Appearances are often deceptive.

How often has a person, a situation, an offer, or an event, turned out to be exactly what it said on the tin?

It’s important not to take things at face value. Even when things seem straightforward, the weight often lies in the nuance and detail. And this isn’t negative. After all, a number of poisons — when used in small quantities — have healing properties.

An apparent threat in your emotional life is just such an example this week.

Don’t be blind to the offer of reconciliation it conceals.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Consider this… Is someone in your life befuddling you?

Or are you simply taking something far too seriously?


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