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The police are trained to know when to make snap decisions and when to be patient.

While defusing dangerous situations requires considered action, other incidents may demand a more rapid response.

And decisions made in the heat of the moment can have long-lasting consequences.

Fortunately, for the rest of us, we rarely encounter life-or-death decisions.

The choice you need to make concerns two options.

Will you take the risk or will you take your time?

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You were born to surf the ocean of emotion with elegance.

A period of respite is imminent.


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Though you’re not enamored by the scenario you’re in right now, you must admit that something about it feels right.

Somehow, you’ve always known that you would be in this situation.

It wasn’t an idea you were particularly keen on, or working towards, though.

But here you are. So, now this is your reality, why not take a look?

Actually, it’s perfect. It’s exactly what you need.

You already are, or soon will be, starting to see the perfection of the situation you face.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You may not feel ready to start making everything different from now on.

But changes will soon make that feasible.



There’s often an automatic sign-off that can be applied to e-mails.

I recently received one from someone whose message finished with the words ‘sent from the moon’.

Now, as Mercury turns retrograde, I wouldn’t be surprised if your messages end up in far-flung places.

The position of your ruling planet makes it highly apt for you to concentrate on lunar themes.

Examine your roots, and take care of your emotional base.

With these protected, everything will fall into place.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: This is your wisest advice right now: trust your own judgment in your emotional life.


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How long can you go on like this?

You may not be at the end of your tether, but you’re near it.

Your strength is sapping, and energy levels are low.

The good news is that this phase is nearly over.

You’re not quite free, but have you noticed that your burdens are being jettisoned?

This week you’ll regain a spring in your step and lightness in your heart.

Then, you’ll find that hiking through the difficult terrain has brought you to the threshold of something excitingly different.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You want to uphold a commitment and also protect what you value.

With care, you can do both.



As Mercury heads back towards your part of the zodiac, Mars moves through your sign.

This may cause twitchy moments. Sometimes it seems as if, no matter how much you try, things won’t go right.

You have grand plans for your future, but can’t see how to bring them to fruition.

And the more effort you expend, the more disappointed you become.

Even if life seems to be an uphill struggle, you’re not far from the top.

You just need to persevere a little longer.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You feel let down by someone.

Try to stop negative emotions taking over.

You can work a minor miracle.


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If I wrote your prediction backwards, it wouldn’t make it easier to understand.

But this forecast isn’t the literal or literary embodiment of Mercury turning retro-grade.

And you don’t need to know how to read the wrong way round to cope with your ruler retracing its steps though your sign.

Actually, as it’s in the part of the zodiac it calls home, Mercury’s influence remains strong.

It’s not mistakes you need fear now, rather, revelations that you can look forward to.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Coming cosmic changes will bring ‘graceful inspiration’ similar to the mood that comes over great artists.



With the movements that your ruler, Venus, makes this week, it’s not surprising you feel restless.

No wonder you want to make changes. It feels as if everything needs shaking up.

These feelings are valuable and worth holding on to.

But, rather than leaping into action, take a moment to reflect.

There’s a place between the extremes you’re contemplating.

The potential to make the ideal move is greater if you carry on, for a while longer, on your familiar path.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: There’s a time to be passionate and a time to be detached.

Which is it now? Prepare, plan, bide your time.

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There have always been people with power at their finger-tips.

Moses parted the Red Sea, Caesar built an empire, Elizabeth I prayed for the Spanish Armada to be scattered by a storm.

Nowadays it’s down to Kim Kardashian, who (allegedly) broke the Internet!

But, just because these people create history doesn’t mean they’re the only ones able to bend the world to their will.

You too, when the time’s right, may command power. See what you can do this week.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Coming events will show you how popular you really are.

That will be good for your heart and your happiness.



The notion that you won’t follow orders is an astrological cliche. The truth is much more complex. You’ll accept directions when you’re able to convince yourself that you’re making your own choice rather than being coerced. If you feel you’re being forced down a path, you dig your heels in. But isn’t that true of most of us, whatever our sign? What distinguishes you this week, is that you have a wonderful chance to escape such a pressurised position.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Go your own way — at your own speed. Put petty ideas of ‘success’ or ‘failure’ into perspective.

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Que sera, sera is a saying (and a song) that celebrates fatalism.

Don’t worry, be happy is a more recent version of the sentiment.

It’s a lovely idea. Just relax and let the world go by.

No more worrying if you’re making the right decision.

Just put your feet up, catch up on your box sets and things will be just fine.

However attractive this sounds, it’s not what you need to do this week.

The encouraging cosmos urges you to be emphatic if you want success.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: The confusion in your life is nothing to worry over.

You just have to see it as a gift.



We all want freedom, but not necessarily the same sort.

Freedom of the city? Not great if you’re a country-lover.

Freedom of the open road? Nothing finer —unless you prefer home comforts.

Freedom of the sea? Not so great for the seasick…

Even freedom of choice has limitations; just ask any-one who’s tried to choose a new phone, or energy provider — the options would boggle any brain.

How fortunate that the freedom that you’re about to enjoy will be the right kind.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Soon, you will be able to do what once you failed to achieve.

An opportunity is coming again. Seize it.

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Come people make something out of nothing.

How? Well, with a tad of creativity anyone can definitely make something out of not very much at all.

And, with ingenuity, we can all stretch a little a long way.

But suppose you find yourself with a severe lack of resources?

What if nothing really is nothing?

Though you’re feeling as if the hand you’re holding has been badly dealt, there’s a card you’ve overlooked.

Actually, you have more than you need to make a winning move.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Your dearest dream can come true.

List all the positive possibilities and believe in them. Faith works.

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