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When comedy writers look for an easy gag, they get their central character to declare, “You won’t find me doing this ever again.”

Then, in the very next scene, we see them contravening their vow.

So much for their self-control or their luck!

It’s funny when we observe this happening to someone else, less amusing when it happens to us.

But, as your ruler links creatively to Uranus ahead of the Solstice, if you find yourself back where you once said you’d never go again, it may be something to smile about, rather than cry over.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: The truth about a sensitive matter may soon come to light your opportunity to show someone trust.


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The trouble with a ‘sense of security’ is that we can never have one that’s strong or deep enough.

Even if we buy the best burglar alarm in the world, we’ll still have a problem.

What if someone sets out to steal it? As with physical protection, so with our emotional defence mechanisms.

The more we try to protect ourselves, the more we find ourselves becoming vulnerable.

One of the best ways to guard against unwelcome intrusion is to maintain a high level of openness.

Be trusting as much as you dare this week.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You have a good hand in a high-stakes game.

Or is it a game?

Slowly you will see how to get what you want most.



Jonathan told a story about a friend who hated washing dishes.

She’d do all she could to avoid it.

One day, he noticed that her sink wasn’t overflowing with the usual crockery.

He asked, “Did you get help?” She said proudly, “No.

I did it!”, and explained, “I realised that I loathed dirty dishes, even more than I disliked cleaning them?’

With your ruler opposite Saturn, a similar approach can be applied to a problem you’re facing.

Ask yourself which may be the lesser of two evils.

You might enjoy what comes out in the wash.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: It is time to ask if some of your ideas may have a destructive impact, even if you see them as constructive.



A few weeks ago, you were twiddling your thumbs.

Now, with Mars in your sign, you’re able to use them to grip tightly to the handlebar of life’s motorcycle, and hare down straights, and race round bends.

You could break records for speed and efficiency as you make things happen, and deal with things that other people have made happen which need to be put right! You’ve a lot on your plate but you can absorb and digest every last bit of it.

As long as you take one step at a time. With the Solstice arriving, those are giant steps.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: If you are happy with your circumstances, fine.

But if chance beckons, put all your effort into this endeavour.


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Where’s the guard, clutching the rifle, guarding the door through which you can never hope to pass?

Are you sure it’s even locked?

And if it is, what’s that key-shaped object lying on the floor?

As Mercury combines with your ruler, at the Solstice, you’re being helped to see new possibilities, options, alternatives, and invitations. These aren’t fanciful visions, intended to bring comfort in moments of frustration.

They represent real chances, as long as you’re willing to take them.

But you need to stop doubting your abilities.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Someone needs your support; a situation you can’t ignore.

Accept as much and you will start to feel inspired.



That pleases Pat may anger Alex.

What makes Jo jolly may sadden Sam.

It isn’t easy keeping people happy.

It’s particularly frustrating when we find our-selves trying to balance conflicting needs and mutually exclusive preferences.

Perhaps you’re thoroughly tired by all your efforts to pursue peace and harmony.

You deserve to be applauded for even attempting this, yet it seems you just keep incurring criticism.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet.

The Solstice suggests that someone’s becoming a lot more reasonable.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: There is a wish you can’t ignore; it could turn into something much more substantial.

Be sensitive.


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Nobody can do the impossible!

But what about the ‘almost impossible’?

Well, those things aren’t actually impossible.

They may be tricky.

They may take luck, effort and ingenuity.

But how do you know that something’s impossible until, or unless you try?

Don’t risk everything on a crazy, far-fetched scheme and if you perceive that it poses potential danger, keep well away from it.

But, if the risk’s small and the potential reward is big, with Venus encouraged by dreamy Neptune, ahead of the Solstice, at least give it a try.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Life should become less stressful soon.

Turn to the pleasant business of enjoying a rare, special opportunity.



There are times when we I should give thanks for our problems.

We should look at them, look at the trouble they’ve led us into, look at the steps we’ve been forced to take to get ourselves out of that trouble, and then recognise that we might never have wound up being so smart if we hadn’t first been so dumb.

Forget, this week, how or why a situation came about. Forget too, your feelings about whether it’s been bad or good. The Solstice brings the chance to just look at what it now has the potential to offer you. Be glad of that.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Be grateful for your uncertainty.

Dwell on it as much as you dare.

Ask yourself if a greater misgiving is behind it.



Few people deliberately spread misinformation.

The vast majority.

Few us have integrity and sincerity.

But we also have a very strong, natural sense of faith.

When we believe something to be true, we share that belief with evangelistic zeal.

We want others to believe it, because we believe they’ll benefit from knowing what we know.

This is all fine unless we don’t actually know what we think we know!

Are you giving someone else’s enthusiastic assumption a little too much credence?

The Solstice helps you get to the root of the matter.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: The role you have been thrust into, is a part you were born to play.

Be yourself. Be brave and spontaneous. Shine.


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If there’s something you can’t have, maybe you don’t need it.

The Solstice marks the return of the Sun to your opposite sign and is a strong suggestion that you’re being well taken care of by a kindly cosmos.

Not only are the planets well disposed towards you, but people (who tend to act as agents of the cosmos) are inspired to assist with your most important endeavours.

Don’t underestimate your ability to charm the birds from the trees, knock the socks off a stranger… or perfect a solution out of a seemingly daunting difficulty.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You can make happy progress in your emotional life through being more willing to express your inner-child.



The heart is always quicker than the head.

No matter how sharp our minds, they trail behind our gut reactions like tortoises following hares.

And, because they go so much more slowly, they have more time to mull things over, question instinctive responses and come up with complicated caveats to explain what ought to be obvious.

You can get into a long discussion now about the relative merits of an idea or a suggestion.

But passionate Mars suggests that if you really want to make progress, don’t ignore what you feel.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Trust your experience and remain calm yet determined.

Take all your reasons to worry with a pinch of salt.


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This isn’t a perfect world, and it might never be one, no matter how many Solstices come and go.

But it’s not such a bad place, either.

And our experience of how perfect or imperfect it is varies according to the mood we find ourselves, in or the attitude that we take.

Now, I’m really not saying, “Imagine everything is fine and it will be fine.”

That’s a justification for living in the kind of ignorance that rarely turns out to be blissful.

But you really should now look more favourably on something you’ve previously felt inclined to resent.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Expect reassurance on a subject that has been a concern.

Doubts will reduce.

Be confident in your abilities.


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