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The Moon reaches fullness as it aligns exactly opposite the Sun, thus creating a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse.

Expect an increase in intensity in all those areas of life that involve your heart and your soul.

Relationships are especially intensified under this powerful celestial spot-light.

A strong connection with some-one close can deepen as you develop insight into their feelings.

Add the influence of your ruling planet, Mars, to this powerful celestial mix, and you can be confident that there’s excitement and action in store.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Bends on the road to wisdom can suggest you are really getting nowhere just when you are about to arrive.

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Our desires and dreams aren’t easy to talk about.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit them to ourselves, let alone share them with other people.

But when you see the shimmer of something that you’ve dreamed of on the horizon, it’s time to speak up and make a move.

This week, as the eclipse arrives opposite Mars, there’s a silver lining in the clouds that will light the way towards something you’ve longed for.

The courage you need to step forward towards your prize is easier to find than you think.

You can do it.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You think you know what’s possible and impossible.

Thankfully and happily, you are wrong about the ‘impossible’ bit.



A matter you thought was closed has reopened.

Like a door that, at first glance, appears shut, a second look reveals a sliver of light round the doorframe.

Where you had all but given up hope, there’s an invitation to re-enter a scenario that you need to revisit.

Here comes the chance to resolve something. That residual feeling of ‘unfinished business’ can be addressed and rectified.

‘We should be the change we want to see in the world,’ said Gandhi.

You have the power to influence, heal and move on in a better way.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You’re receiving a signal you don’t fully understand.

Send out a signal of your own, and then monitor the response.

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Apparently, TV producers have a penchant for pitching new ideas for shows as being the same as a popular old show — but ‘on acid’.

If I follow their example, the coming lunar eclipse is going to be like a Full Moon ‘on steroids’.

The Full Moon is always a beacon of illumination —this time, though, its power is enhanced to the point where shadows are over-come by luminosity.

You’re particularly sensitive to lunar effects.

This suggests that the recognition you’ve been waiting for is on its way at last.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Remember that two wrongs don’t make a right.

And don’t say something that you might later regret.



As a Leo, any astrological aspect involving the Sun has an impact.

This week then, prepare for celestial adventure.

The Sun is in your sign, which means that the coming Full Moon will be opposite.

As the Moon darkens for a Lunar Eclipse, its magic and power weave to increase your powers of mystery.

With the Sun-Saturn-Jupiter triangle focusing on your ability to charm and attract, you can find yourself commanding attention, and placed into a position of leadership. Sounds like just your cup of teal…

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You are good at giving.

You don’t always find it quite as easy to receive.

A great gift is in store for you. Accept it.



If you’re a top level athlete, days off are rare. Training routines dictate your life.

No melting chocolate puddings, or illicit tubs of ice cream either

A step beyond the level of commitment most of us mortals ever take is required.

You, though, know about determination.

In those moments when your heart and mind connect and know what they want, you can be incisive and move like an elite swimmer, cutting through the water to reach your target.

This week, you can make a sweet and vital move. A prize is attainable.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: New strategies are needed to reflect the greater sense of confidence you feel.

Don’t keep harking back to the past.

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My son can be very creative with the truth.

He knows, for example, that he was in his mummy’s tummy.

And he also understands, to some degree at least, that he was born via caesarian section.

Yet when he talks about it, he insists on his version of events: ‘I was in my mummy’s tummy and I punched my way out!’

We all tell ourselves stories to make sense of the world.

This week, don’t let facts get in the way of a deeper understanding.

Believe what you must in order to make progress, and you will.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You know in your heart that it is time to move on.

A more decisive and rewarding phase is beginning.



When NASA declared their intent to put the first man on the moon, their plan was backed by ambition, science and millions of US dollars.

And, the calculations needed to get the shuttles off the ground was done with less computing power than you have in your phone.

Now that’s serious manpower!

Although the adventure you’re being drawn to is smaller in scale, in a way, it’s your own moon landing.

You want to go where no one has gone before.

Luckily, all you need for this new adventure is ambition. Act on it!

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Rise above someone’s unacceptable behaviour, take the lesson to heart but don’t chastise yourself or give in to doubt.



Is it me, or have weather forecasts become more dramatic?

We I used to be told to expect ‘heavy rain’, now we must shelter from ‘cloudbursts’.

‘Wintry showers’ are ‘thunders now’.

Perhaps it’s because the weather itself is more intense.

But no matter what the skies above our heads look like this week, the heavenly weather looks bright.

The Lunar Eclipse gives way to a minor Grand Trine involving Saturn, in your sign, and your ruler Jupiter.

Put your psychological umbrella away.

It’s time to step into sunshine.

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You’re relieved of duty.

And yet, it seems that you aren’t relieved.

Aren’t you glad to have this opportunity to get some rest finally?

Or are you itching to return to your post and get back into the fray?

You may have invested more of yourself, your time and energy than was necessary.

Your efforts are commendable and much appreciated by everyone involved, but you’ve done what you agreed to do.

The astrological alliance insists that it’s time for you to step back and enjoy the fruits of your labour

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You only have a problem if you will accept no alternative.

Just a little food for thought: be more flexible.



This is a special time of year for Aquarians; you’re always guaranteed to have a Full Moon in your sign.

But this Full Moon isn’t run of the mill.

It’s a Lunar Eclipse, and it arrives just before your modern ruler Uranus makes a rare alignment with Neptune.

This should be a particularly inspiring week.

Don’t be surprised by a bolt-out-of-the-blue moment — when you finally realise what it is that you’ve been waiting for.

Be sure you remain grounded.

Inspiration wedded to practicality is the match the heavens want to make.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You are in the process of having a brilliant idea.

What you don’t know now, you will know soon enough. Be brave.

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Somebody once sang, A dream is a wish your heart makes, and your heart is wishing fiercely for something.

Cynics would have us believe that dreaming’s a fruitless exercise.

They’ll tell you that it’s in your best interests to stay grounded.

But since when did down-to-earth mean refusing to let your head float away in the clouds?

Humanity’s greatest achievements started with a fantastical idea.

We were born with creative imaginations. So ignore the naysayers this week, and go with your craziest, wildest dreams.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Anxiety and responsibility can often distract us from the miracle of life.

Now you have a real opportunity to enjoy life.

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