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Deccan chronicle Weekly Horoscope

Dear Virgo, this week you have a sense of achievement. You feel as if you have accomplished something in life. Professionally, you need to put in just a little more effort to be able to achieve success. Use this phase to meditate and find answers within you. If you are looking for love, you can’t just expect to be swept off your feet. You need to work hard for your relations hip to work. It is best to be open to your beloved or prospective partner.

Lucky number: 9

Lucky colour: Ruby red

Diwali tip for prosperity and good fortune: Apply saffron teeka on Diwali.

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                             VIRGO HOROSCOPE


Hans of India Weekly Horoscope

You bask in love, affection, liking that surround you. What it gives you is the desire to be more lovable, more like able. You therefore hold up a mirror to yourself, looking for defects, short comings, hang-ups that can detract from this. You realize also that you need to be more gently and tolerant, more forgiving- as others are to you. You address financial issues like trade, buying and selling with a view to creating enhanced family prosperity.

New Indian Express Weekly Horoscope

Strident and determined, you brook no interference nor suffer fools. It’s all about doing the right thing and you don’t get swayed by opinions and gossip. Bringing friendships back on track in keeping with the Diwali spirit, you win half the battle. Loved ones turn to you like ships to a lighthouse. Misunderstandings are cleared up even as you take baby steps towards reconciliation with an estranged member of the family. Communication is direct and you look for ways to find gentler ways that don’t dilute the message. Adopted ties are strengthened and some go beyond blood ties in showing support.

Comfort Zone: Art galleries, meditation camps.

Zone of contention: Having to believe promise breakers.

Topic to Avoid: Making commitments early.

Concentrate on: Taking one day at a time.

Adjustment Quotient: 8/10

virgo, kanyarasi, virgo horoscope, virgo astrology, virgo image

                            VIRGO HOROSCOPE

Hindustan Times Weekly Horoscope

Clarity and perspective bring order in chaotic situations and relationships this week. You can achieve a balance in your relationships and stability in your professional ventures. Beware of a woman who interferes in personal matters. Meditation brings darity and peace. You can clear a misunderstanding with an old f friend.

Lucia number: 6

Lucky colour: Turquoise

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