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Taurus Horoscope Weekly

TAURUS WEEKLY HOROSCOPE 08-01 to 14-01-2017


Hans India

True creativity, intellectual genius, even brilliance, joy and success in relationships.

What a trend! You have all the right skills as well as the right ideas.

Glamour, inspiration, chutzpah give you achievements and success in all your undertakings and with the people who matter most to you. And here I’m talking of the entirely personal relationships and bonds that make it all worthwhile!


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Hindustan Times

Synergy is available in business projects that cannot be handled alone.

You feel on top of things this week with good health and energy.

You are able to spend quality time with people you care about and in activities that are rejuvenating.

Don’t allow old fears to get to you but confront important issues and people that are likely to change.

Lucky number: 9

Lucky colour: Lotus pink


Tribune India

Your relationship with loved ones will be pleasant and free from discord.

You are unlikely to face financial problems.

Partnership affairs will run smoothly.

Tarot message: Give time to children and family.

Lucky colour: Cream

Magic number: 26


taurus, taurus horoscope, taurus astrology


Deccan Chronicle

Once you’ve asked the chicken why it crossed the road, ask it another question.

Did it or the egg come first? If you get a reply that makes sense, let the rest of us know.

Though you can’t expect us to take you seriously if we know you’ve been talking to chickens!

Some things don’t make sense, no matter how hard we try to understand them.

Some issues are confusing and full of contradictions.

Don’t waste time with these this week.

With your ruler conjunct Neptune, and a Full Moon in a Grand Cross, there are more rewarding pursuits.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Events in your emotional life bring clear proof of how wise you have been lately.

Don’t be humble; be proud!


Indian Express

You may just be merging from a tricky period emotionally, which means that as of now you can begin to heal a social rift.

Your financial stars are at a new peak as the week begins, but it looks as if most spending will be of a domestic nature.

Perhaps there’s a property deal afoot or another major purchase.




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