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Taurus Horoscope Weekly



Deccan chronicle Weekly Horoscope

taurus, taurus horoscope, taurus astrology


Dear Taurean, this is the time when you need to let go, surrender yourself, accept the 4 changes the universe is ‘4 bringing for you. Sometimes you achieve victory even after losing everything. It is best to approbate the divine will. At work, you need to coordinate and act in accordance with your team and put your ego aside. Taureans in love can feel happy. Love life is good, listen to your partner, make him or her feel special by working in accordance with your beloved’s wishes.

Lucky number: Twelve                       Lucky colour: Sky Blue
Diwali tip for prosperity and good fortune: Wear white clothes on Diwali.

Hans of India Weekly Horoscope

You can afford to let down your guard, let down your hair, too. You find the time to relax, to adopt a more carefree and laid back approach. Plans and projects are off to a flying start (a metaphor from hunting!) and you’re ready to be in at the finish. You can afford to take things a bit easy now, with your quarry in sight. Good money, glorious love, satisfying acquisitions add to the glamour of this phase in your sign.

New Indian Express Weekly Horoscope

Amidst the din of firecrackers, you at-tempt to be heard in family matters. Advice isn’t the same thing if no one’s listening. Too much on other’s platter has you hold back sharing thoughts as you realize they can’t handle the pressure. Financial disparities create an awkward moment as you indulge in a luxurious purchase. Never the one to remove a smile from someone’s face you hold back on extravagance. Someone requests you to play host to their ward there to appear for exams or an interview.

Comfort Zone: Small gifts and sweets.
Zone of contention: Diluting savings or aiding to them.
Topic to Avoid: Raking a list of someone’s faults every time they slip up.
Concentrate on: Being the rock everyone cm rely on.
Adjustment Quotient: 7.5/10

taurus, taurus horoscope, taurus astrology

Hindustan Times Weekly Horoscope

You are physically active and indulge in sporty pastimes this week. You connect and communicate with interesting people and share new ideas and concepts that stimulate you intellectually. Business opportunities and proposals for expansion are on the cards. Emotionally, you are open and receptive to your friends.

Lucky number: 1
Lucky colour: Midnight blue

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