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Weekly DC Horoscope


HOROSCOPE WEEKLY  20-11-16 TO 26-11-16

Cancer Horoscope


cancer horoscope, cancer, cancer astrology

It feels a little as if life is a poker game. Though the hand you’re I being dealt isn’t that bad, (indeed, you could win the game), your opponent has all the chips. And, they’re forcing you to abandon your cards. Perhaps, this week, you might really need to put on a poker face, play some-one at their own game, and seemingly accept a situation. But, meanwhile, you can secure your position and gain strength. Just remember that the purpose is not to destroy your adversary. It’s simply to ensure that you can take home your well-earned winnings.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: The last thing you want now is an expert opinion about your love life. Trust your own brightest hopes instead!

Leo Horoscope


leo horoscope, leo, leo astrology

Sometimes, it seems, we just can’t stop ourselves. We succumb to temptations that we ought to resist. We indulge emotions that we know we need to keep at bay. We eat what’s bad for us. We say what will only cause trouble. And then, how we kick our-selves. I mention this because you’re not in such a position at the moment. Mercury conjunct Saturn this week will make you aware of the boundaries that you must respect. And, Jupiter’s link to Pluto shows you where you have a real licence to go that little bit further. Trust yourself.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: You know the right thing to do, and you’re not afraid to do it. Stick to your principles and be proud of yourself.

Virgo Horoscope

virgo, kanyarasi, virgo horoscope, virgo astrology, virgo image

The day my wife and I bought a dishwasher for our anniversary, she mockingly declared that romance was dead. But it wasn’t really. It had just transformed. No longer was it about grand gestures or sweeping statements. It was about making positive changes that would benefit both our home and our shared lives. Less washing-up means more time get-ting cosy in front of the telly! What changes can you think of that will benefit you in the long term? Answer this question effectively, and the resources you have to call upon cannot fail to grow.

IN YOUR LOVE LIFE: Don’t shy away from asking tough questions; a pleasing outcome will result. You need to develop discrimination.


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