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HOROSCOPE WEEK 20-11-16 TO 26-11-16

Libra Horoscope

While you are open to being tied in terms of bonds and relationships, you concern your-self equally with your own space, your rights, your liberties. Communication and contacts are, therefore, important in a whole new context – your hopes, inspirations, mood – up-liftment. Love and respect come for someone you look up to, revere, wish to emulate. Once again, your mood remains positive, upbeat, even elated.

Scorpio Horoscope

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This period brings you focus, determination, drive. Success in relationships has been there for some time. Now you display awesome skills at the larger level of meetings, dialogues, conferences. There’s a large dose of luck, too, in Ganesha’s prescription for you. Wins at lotteries, games of chance and skill, at speculation, the races, pool, even gambling with your heart. You’re replete with money and honey and that’s great, isn’t it?

Sagittarius Horoscope

You relate beautifully and sincerely with those you love, with your relatives and particularly with children (your own or others) and young people. You revel in your role as nurturer and carer and are in the best of forms! Your own stamina, vitality, health are vastly improved. This gives you the energy to cope with your own work schedule and still extend help and sup-port to others. Life is wonderful in terms of love, affection and good vibes all round.

Capricorn Horoscope

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I want to cite this period as an example that disproves a popular belief. It is generally held that an eclipse is a harbinger of worry, bad luck, problems. Right now, nothing could be easier going than this period. Your interactions are great children, friends, colleagues all respond to your charisma and charm. The money is solid. It’s not just good right now. There is the promise of spectacular future gains, benefits.

Aquarius Horoscope

Now you want to get your act together in terms of finances, greater earnings, larger income. New options, opportunities, skill, plans are thought about and perhaps even set in motion. The time is favourable, that’s for sure. What’s also definite is that renovation, beautification, improvement of home and property will absorb the cash flow you have created. That was your aim and intention, anyway. Shared pleasure and shared expenses keep your mood upbeat this period too.

Pisces Horoscope

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You’re both successful and lucky (in finances and gains). Believe me, the two don’t always go together. Ganesha ensures that they are there for you. Dreams, long – cherished hopes and personal ambitions are realised. Your personal, intimate relationships are splendid. There is a marvellous sense of optimism and confidence, and it is truly a good way to feel, half-way. At any rate, it gives you the confidence to swing gloriously through your plans and projects, heavy expenses not withstanding.

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