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Aries Horoscope

Try to keep a check on your temper. Turn a blind eye to the unsavoury suggestions of others. Drama, music and public-speaking groups will appeal to you.

Tarot message: Empty promises are certain so put your terms and conditions in writing.

Lucky colour: Sea green

Magic number: 25

Taurus Horoscope

Take rest and recharge your batteries. While health would be stable, it is advised that you be cautious when driving. Some people may travel for work.

Tarot message: You will find within yourself a fountainhead of will power.

Lucky colour: Red

Magic number: 47

Gemini Horoscope

gemini horoscope, gemini, gemini astrology

                    GEMINI HOROSCOPE

Be compassionate and considerate towards your partner and let them be absolutely/ open and frank with you. A family member may need your support. The presence of Venus would shower you with love.

Tarot message: Do what is right and watch your best interests.

Lucky colour: Orange

Magic number: 36

Cancer Horoscope

Health would be a matter of concern. At home, there may be a past conflict that could resurface and create some stress. Social interactions would be lively and entertaining.

Tarot message: You are advised to focus on professional changes.

Lucky colour: Turquoise

Magic number 53

Leo Horoscope

leo horoscope, leo, leo astrology

                           LEO HOROSCOPE

Focus on your adaptability to change according to situations. Due to your newfound confidence and assertiveness, some people may not be too happy and you may face some resistance.

Tarot message: Share responsibility with others.

Lucky colour: Peach

Magic number: 64

Virgo Horoscope

With celebrations happening around you, your social life would be hectic and exciting. Singles would be looking for someone special to bond with; however, things may not go very smoothly.

Tarot message: Think positive and be optimistic.

Lucky colour: Sea green

Magic number: 38

Libra Horoscope

libra horoscope, libra, libra astrology

                   LIBRA HOROSCOPE

Business persons may consider entering into new and exciting partnerships or joint ventures with like-minded individuals. This is a good day to travel and get in touch with relatives and friends.

Tarot message: You gain by being practical; don’t be emotional.

Lucky colour: Marne

Magic number: 27

Scorpio Horoscope

Some relationships would grow closer and more intimate. The focus of the day would be to get in touch with your true self. Be more receptive and open to new ideas and people.

Tarot message: Focus on your emotional and spiritual needs.

Lucky colour: White

Magic number: 42

Sagittarius Horoscope

The presence of the full moon in your sign increases your sense of perception and intuition. As a result, you would be able to pick the vibes of others and respond accordingly.

Tarot message: At work, don’t hold back anything from your employer.

Lucky colour: Golden brown

Magic number: 61

Capricorn Horoscope

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At work, avoid putting too much on your plate and postpone some things to the next day. Some of you may have to take a personal decision in the middle of the day, and this would bring about a good change in your life.

Tarot message: Becalm and composed.

Lucky colour: Purple

Magic number: 40

Aquarius Horoscope

Memories, romance, feelings and emotions would be the focus of the day and would have long-term influences on your relationships and friendships. It is important that you learn from the past.

Tarot message: Focus on the better to mitigate the bitter.

Lucky colour: Pale yellow

Magic number: 55

Pisces Horoscope

Your competitive nature would help you stay ahead of others. Transfer and promotion for some employees cannot be ruled out Business transactions need to be tackled very carefully. Stick to your budget.

Tarot message: Your efforts will pay off.

Lucky colour: Aqua

Magic number: 59

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