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Deccan chronicle Weekly Horoscope

Dear Gemini, this week you have drawn the card of completion. It seems that one cycle is over and the next is just beginning. Your desires are about to be fulfilled. The cards predict a final achievement of all your worldly expectations and desires. Your desires will be fulfilled and you will pursue new goals. You are close to the finish line, take a leap and achieve success.  It is also a great time for love and marriage. Travel is also on the cards. If you are committed, plan a trip overseas with your beloved. If you are single, there is a high chance that you might meet your soul mate while traveling.

Lucky number: 21

Lucky colour: Sky blue

Diwali tip for prosperity and good fortune: Gift new shoes to an elderly man.

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Hans of India Weekly Horoscope

You experience a level of satisfaction, contentment, gratitude to ganesha that is visibly genuine, and a joy to behold! You have faith- in your maker, in your destiny, in yourself. You also have hope for the future. How can you leave out the third cardinal virtue of charity? You are generous, giving and loving to all around you. Romance and family matters also gain.


New Indian Express Weekly Horoscope

More heat than light in relationships has you avoid cantankerous players. You seek company but almost instantly regret the decision for being a softy. You realize little has changed as family get together’s have people cancel, soirees turn sour and clubs only have you wishing you could pick up a club and have ago at some noisemakers. A competitive week has someone shine within the family and yet not afford you reason to celebrate with envious people. A hottie or bombshell makes eyes at singles and puts them in a very happy mood.

Comfort Zone: Live sport, amphitheatres, cultural performances from overseas.

Zone of contention: Being civil to practitioners of disloyalty especially in card games

Topic to Avoid: Gloating, even if you feel like it. Concentrate on: Going from strength to strength.

Adjustment Quotient: 8/10

gemini horoscope, gemini, gemini astrology

Hindustan Times Weekly Horoscope

You are receptive in relationships and can make breakthroughs this week. Redecorating your home and office spaces will be refreshing. Inner values, priorities and attitude are transformed. It’s best to confront opposition and competition as you are strong and forthright in every way. Yoga and meditation are therapeutic for you this week.

Lucky number: 16

Lucky colour: Fiery reds


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