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GEMINI HOROSCOPE WEEKLY 09-10-2016 TO 15-10-2016



Deccan chronicle

Dear Geminis, this week the cards represent change and new beginnings. It seems there is some creative restlessness within you that is anxious for expression. You are on the verge of beginning a new phase of life. Professionally, it is a good time to start a new project as you are filled with energy and enthusiasm.

This week presents an opportunity for you to somehow change your destiny. Express yourself and your individuality with light-hearted abandon.

You will receive good news through messages, telephone calls and official communication.

Lucky number: 2                                                                                                  Lucky color: Forest green and Lavender.


Hindustan times

It’s important to protect yourself from negative influences at home and disruptive elements at work this week. It’s not a good idea to disclose your business plans to others, as they may try to discourage you or steal your ideas. Some assets need to be kept away from your family and associates, or they may develop unrealistic exceptions.


Indian Express

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Rites of passage are akin to the rites of spring. Some things move along simply naturally, it’s a shame to spoil the momentum by interference. Some find themselves ready for a new chapter in life just as soon as they tear off the page of bitterness and an old wound.

Memories haunt, unfulfilled promises taunt and old traumas weave in and out making a new move complicated but inevitable.

Some shake off hang-ups and bitter marriages. Love arrives shortly but warns you that nothing will follow a comfortable routine. You will be shaken and stirred, loved and lusted.

Aphrodisiac: Barbecue chips, smoked cheese, chargrilled vegetables, baked corn in a cheesy pie crust.

Topic to avoid : Patronizing remarks.

Mood music : The two step, Charleston, Ragtime melodies.

Romance Quotient : 6.5/10


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