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Aries Horoscope

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You’re approaching the end of strenuous and stressful phase but even though some semblance of certainty is returning, you’re still not out of the woods. By next week partners will once again be ready to talk rationally. So save the facts and figures until then.

Taurus Horoscope

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Taurus Horoscope

By this evening the moon’s position will be so much more friendly, bringing a final indication that you are moving out of recent period of confusion and bad temper. Prospects for the weekend are therefore promising- just as long as you can side step a personal attack.

Gemini horoscope

By all means allow colleagues or close partners to air their feelings, but there is no reason why you should take responsibility for their grievances or complaints. You are not to blame, so don’t imagine that you are. But what you can do is try to explain yourself better in the future.

Cancer Horoscope

Your famous  maternal qualities may be in much demand now that the dust is settling and partners are licking their wounds. On other hands, you have cares of your own to deal. I have a feeling that people around you will instinctively look to you to take responsibility for them.

Leo Horoscope

Pride is a strength if it is the source of your self-confidence, but humility is a virtue to be encouraged if it enables you to form a deeper bond with a particular person. At any rate it’s a time to sit down and talk, especially to people you live with.

Virgo Horoscope

There may be much to be said for going over old ground, even if it does mean repeating yourself or letting yourself in for situations which may be frankly quite dull. Yet as the old cliche says, a stitch in time saves nine. You still have some finely-judged financial decisions to make, so keep your concentration.

Libra Horoscope

The past or so must have been challenging and emotionally trying, yet now that the planets responsible for causing such strain are drifting apart you may move quickly to restore good will. Actually you are in a much better position than you might imagine.

Scorpio Horoscope

The sun is shedding new light on aspects of your character you never dreamed existed. Little by little, fresh information is coming your way- and may cause you to alter some of your most cherished opinions. The result? You’ll soon be changing some of your secret plans.

Sagittarius Horoscope

You are now entering a much more sociable phase and will soon be back to your normal self. Try to re-establish control over your spending and get all your finances in proper order. You are in tough position, but I am sure that you will be able to come out on top.

Capricorn Horoscope

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You must now feel that your status and prestige are soaring upwards, there may be a price to pay. For a start you must see to it that partners are kept happy and that you fulfill all your commitments. Stay one step ahead of the game and focus on domestic and family affairs.

Aquarius Horoscope

Seldom have you experienced a stranger period in relation to your dreams or deepest yearlings. This is one of those time when you will see the value of being in tune with your inner self , not the easiest of tasks in this busy world. A word about love affairs-your hopes may be too high. How about being more realistic?

Pisces Horoscope

It’s a day to be business like about your social contacts and commitments, down-to-earth about your hopes and aspirations. But don’t forget to be true to your recent dreams and revelations. If there’s one thing you have to remember about being intuitive, it’s that you’re not always right.

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